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L'oceano è dentro di noi. Letteratura, poesia e musica tra America e Europa

Moretti & Vitali, Milano, January, 2011

A series of award winning and anthologized literary essays published in English and translated into Italian, suggesting unseen and original connections in interpretations of culture and lives.


Critical praise for L’oceano from the Italian press

"...The first and enduring sensation of reading (this book) is a pleasant feeling of a near vortex circulating the whirling movement of words, languages, events, people, stories, dissimilar and yet mysteriously interconnected, without limits or frontiers, even as they vary and reveal differences, structured underneath by secret music that runs page to page." --Marzio Dall’Acqua, il Nuovo di Parma

"The book, composed of a series of essays written in different periods, in fact has been composed like a symphony, a piece of music that the author discovered late in her life but which then became fundamental. The work of Wallis Wilde-Menozzi is dense, filled with metaphor, sometimes quite mysterious, which, unexpectedly, releases the portrait of a character or scene that perfectly and brilliantly illuminates the situation." --Francesca Avanzini, La Gazzetta di Parma

"Passionate and fearless, delicate and resistant, constantly moving between the everyday world and the spiritual one, the poles of her country of origin and Italy…[the author] knows how life can turn everything into a field of tensions…pain and joy, beauty and mystery." --Paolo Lagazzi, editor, Atillio Bertolucci, complete work