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Sigh Press , Words without Borders, New Letters, Agni, Southwest Review 
some of the venues where essays and translations have appeared in 2018-2019.

Sigh Press


An interview and essay with the author--Winter 2018

An essay and brief note--Winter 2019



Wallis with Chris Castellani at the Geneva Writers Workshop 2013


Podcast -- listen now!

Sidewalk in Rome

This poem first appeared in the Kenyon Review

At Three or Four

As if hearing thunder, far off
I wake up at three or four,
the dark a musty breathed up closeness
and turn my pillow over.

It's like a voice or voices,
powerful, carrying convincing waves.
Often there's a tomb.
I feel my heart pounding

as if I were living a consumed dream,
the warm
comforter no longer such. Something.
Don't sleep one minute more.